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Top 10 Essential Oils Accessories That Newbies Must Have!

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So do you love essential oils and are just getting started with them? From the beautiful fragrances that they have to offer to instantly uplifting the mood and giving us a sense of spiritual well-being, essential oils just meet the purpose fittingly. However, you might face problems in storing and using it due to the lack of proper accessories. In order to make your essential oil journey a more enjoyable and comfortable one, there is a set of essential oil accessories that you must grab.

Let's know more about these accessories in detail here.

Must Have Essential Oil Accessories


Top 10 Must-Have Essential Oil Accessories for New Oil Users

1. Dropper Bottles

Dropper Bottles are very useful for storing and diluting essential oils of all kinds. These bottles containing droppers have become very common these days, especially because of their ease and convenience of mixing oils of different kinds and of different varieties without much trouble. These dropper bottles are available in various sizes and capacity

2. Spray Bottles

Spray Bottles are one of those containers that are popular due to their ease of application of the oil. These bottles give you the freedom to spray the oil as and when needed without any hassles. You can use spray containers both for indoor as well as travel purposes.

3. Roller Bottles

Roller bottles are another very convenient way used to apply your essential oils. You just need to roll the bottle to apply the oil without getting your hands oily and it is done within seconds. They also come handy when you have to dilute the essential oils. You can keep roller bottles in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and so on, and use whenever needed.

4. Mini Glass bottles

Mini Glass bottles are made of just the right size for sample sharing with your friends. These bottles are safe for storing all types of essential oils as they are made of glass. They are small and handy, usually ranging from 1ml to 3ml and are convenient for light travelling.

5. Essential Oil Pouch

Another very common Essential Oil accessory is the Essential Oil Pouch. The best thing about these pouches is that they can easily fit in, in any corner of your bag pack and be a companion on your trip. You will need them to keep the bottles in regardless you have a few oils or a number of oils.

6. Essential Oil Necklace

This is one of the best and the most stylish ways of carrying around your essential oils with you, wherever you go. These Essential oil necklaces are very desirable and beautiful to look at. These necklaces don’t just make you look good, they also uplift your spirits and make your mood better.

7. Essential Oil Ring

These rings are one of its kind. They are a good gift for loved ones. These Essential Oil Rings are available in many different shapes, sizes and designs to suit your requirements. The rings are really classy and look wonderful.

8. Felt Pads

Felt pad is another very useful and a must for those who like to wear essential oil lockets. These felt pads are very absorbent and gives off really good fragrances from the lockets. Simply replace them with a new one when these felt pads wears off.

9. Essential Oil Labels

Essential Oil Labels are essential and will help you in recognizing and identifying the various essential oils in your collection in just a glance. You can label essential oils and keep them for future use as well, in case you do not need it for the immediate purpose. The chances of essential oils getting mixed up get reduced to a minimum.

10. Metal Funnel

Another very important essential oil accessory is the metal funnel. In this case, the funnel helps to transfer your oils without any hassle and spilling. These are very useful and convenient for the new oil user. You can use it as per your convenience without much trouble.

All these oil essential accessories along with a number of others are must-haves for all newbies. This will help you keep your essential oils in order and organize them and keep them ready for travelling. Buy one today!

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