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Teacher's Day Gift | Gift for Teacher's Day Singapore

Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day Teacher Day Gift

Teacher Day Gift Ideas

Teacher's Day is just 1 month away. Have you thought of what to get for your child's teachers? 

Well, I asked my 8 YO what he wanted to get for his teachers this year and he replied me "Perhaps something different and special. I don't want gifts which I can get from bookshop."

We gave that a thought and did some brainstorming during his June Holidays. After getting some advice from friends and customers too, we decided to handmade some unique and thoughtful gifts for the coming Teacher's Day!

We came up with a few Teacher Day Gift Ideas which are below $20. There are also some affordable ones which are below $10 so it depends on individual budget. Here they are :

1.Leather Key Fobs

We thought that Leather Key Fob are a good choice for teachers as they usually carry thumb-drive, locker keys or bank token with them in their bags. Rather than digging deep into their bags for these small items, a colourful key fob will do wonders to help them organize these into a bunch. They can easily locate these necessities from their bag or carry them around the wrist if need be.

They come at an affordable price of $7.90 and what's more, it is accompanied by a nice and ready made Teacher's Day Greeting card. It saves you and your kids the trouble of having to buy or draw a Teacher's Day Card. Simply pen down the names and the gift is ready to go!

Key Fob

 2. Perfume Pen with Pouch

The next thoughtful gift we came up with is a functional Perfume Pen

This pen is a 2-in-1 functional pen. It's both a ballpoint pen (black ink) as well as a perfume spray / breath freshener spray. 

A teacher usually carries a ballpoint pen with them. Hence rather than a normal pen, we thought a functional one with a small spray bottle embedded in it would be nice! Teachers can refill this small spray bottle with either their favorite perfume and spray whenever they want to. Or some of them would prefer to refill with breath freshener and do a little spray after their meal break. This is better than bringing a big bottle of perfume or freshener with them.

This pen is accompanied by either a handmade pouch or a elegant black velvet pouch. Price starts from $8.90

Perfume Pen

 3. Waterproof Wet and Dry Tissue Pouch

Tissue packets are a daily necessity. Some of us would need either a packet of dry or wet tissue pack depending on the needs we have.  While that is the case, they are also quite a majority of us who are used to carrying both dry and wet tissue in our bags.

Hence rather than having 2 different packs of tissue in our bag, why not have just 1 pouch to put in 2 packets together to solve the trouble of forgetting either one. With that, we came up with a Waterproof wet and dry tissue dual pouch

Waterproof Wet and dry tissue pouch

 4. Mug Organizers

"Creativity is making marvellous out of the unused!" 

We believe most teachers will have a lot of stationery especially pens and pencils on their office desk. To help them better organize these stationery, we handmade some nice and functional organizer wrap which they can use to wrap around their unused mugs to turn them into an amazing Mug Organizer.

These organizer mug comes with a total of 13 pockets for them to better organization of their stationery. Not only that, these beautiful handmade organizers can also spice up their boring desk:) It's also very practical way to recycle their old unused mugs!

Mug Organizer

5. Gadget Pouch | Mobile Pouch

Last but not least, we have the Gadget or Mobile Pouch!

Regardless of the which subject the teacher teaches, chances are they will have their own mobile phone, portable battery, earpiece or other gadget devices. Hence a creative, practical yet simple gift for them would be a Gadget Pouch!

These pouches are great for their daily use. They can use these pouches not only for their gadget but it can also double up as their pencil pouch when they go for their classes. Comes with 4 pockets (including a front flap) for them to organize their mobile phone, stationery and more..

Gadget Pouch

These are some of our specially designed Teacher's Day Gift Ideas which we came up with for the coming Teacher's day! We hope to delight the teachers with these gifts and hope you like what we offer in our shop!

Happy browsing ! 


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