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Handmade Patchwork BlanketHandmade Traditional Patchwork Blanket for Kids and Babies

Patchwork or "piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece" is a type of sewing or needlework that includes sewing together bits of fabric into a bigger design. These shapes are painstakingly measured and cut, fundamental geometric shapes making them simple to sort out.

Overall patchwork designs are then stitched together to form a larger random or composed design where the colored shapes can be randomly pieced or follow a strict order to create a specific effect. 

As such these designs are not easy to sew. Lots of patience and efforts are put in by sewers to come up with a beautiful piece of patchwork.

At MomLuvDIY, we are lucky to have 2 grannies who love sewing and doing patchwork. Our patchwork blankets are painstakingly handmade and sewed by them with great workmanship.

These Traditional Patchwork Blanket are great blessing to a child who receives it. Give these unique handmade gifts for baby showers, kids' birthday or for new mummies who just given birth to their newborn. 

"The best kind of sleep beneath Heaven above is under a patchwork blanket, handmade with love."

< 百纳被 / 百家被 >

”缝百家被, 穿百家衣“ :

为孩子祈福避祸, 接纳百家之福, 以借福来保佑小孩平安长大。

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