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Metallic Bottle Key Opener Tool | Aromatherapy Bottle Key Opener

Metallic Bottle Key Opener Tool | Aromatherapy Bottle Key Opener


These metallic bottle key openers are made from high strength aluminum metal that will not rust. These openers are much more durable then those made from plastic. 


-> These Metallic key openers have multiple cut outs and you can use it on almost any essential oil bottles.

- > Great for opening Essential Oil Bottles as these opener are made of metal instead of platsic

-> Safer and precise way to open your bottles. Prevents incidents from bottle breakage from prying with fingernails, butter knifes etc

-> Designed and shaped to work with most aromatherapy bottles, brands like Young Living and doTERRA bottles. From trial sample sized bottles to the regular sized 5ml to 100ml essential oil bottles.

 < SIZE >

6cm x 2.8cm x 0.2cm

These mini essential oil metal funnels is great for Oil Transfer into smaller bottles such as Vial Sample Bottles, Roller Bottles, Spray Bottles etc.

These funnels are made of metal and are safe for essential oil transfer as compared to the plastic ones which are likely to spoil the oil. They are so small and are easy to carry along during travel. Grab one for your oil transfer now!

Select between Gold or Silver Colour.

These mini metal funnels are small and measures

  • 1" Tall x 3/4" Wide

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